Loser PAP Candidate Who Lost Aljunied GRC To WP Still Brags He Is Serving Residents There

Aljunied have been in the hands of opposition party WP for the last two elections, in GE 2011 and GE 2015. One of the PAP candidate who lost to the WP, Victor Lye Thiam Fatt, have recently added more fuel to the claim by WP chief Pritam Singh, who stated that the PAP is practising unfair politics, when losing PAP candidates are still allowed to serve the very GRC that they lost in by being appointed Grassroots Adviser.

To make things worse, the MP, who is elected by the residents of the ward he won, have to get approval for any projects for the ward they come up with from the grassroots leaders, the very same guy the residents did not vote for. So, no matter how you look at it, the losing PAP candidate will still be the PAP appointed leader for the ward, whether voted in or not. This, of course, does not extend to losing opposition candidates. They of course are not allowed any kind of official presence in the wards they lost, unlike the PAP candidates. It’s almost as if the PAP candidate have an unfair advantage over everyone else, right?

Victor Lye sought to rub salt in wounds, when he stated in his FB post that he has been serving Aljunied residents, “even if they did not vote for us.” And he also stated that the losing PAP candidates have been volunteering for the residents every day since the last GE. Volunteering? When you are placed there as a Grassroots leader by your PAP masters and told to make yourself visible to residents, how can that be construed as volunteering?

But therein lies an advantage for the residents. Why not vote in the opposition anyway? Because you will be represented by Opposition MPs in Parliament to fight for Singaporeans’ rights, but you will still get served by the losing PAP candidates every single day like what they have been doing now. A win win situation for all concerned.

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