NUS Lives Up To National University Of Sex Nick, A Lecturer Now Accused Of Molest

The National Univeristy of Singapore might be the top university in Singapore, and makes the list as one of the best in the world too. But while academic pursuits and excellence ensures NUS perch at the top table, there is a side of NUS that have been garnering news in recent months. It seems like NUS students are not able to stay off news articles about molest.

There have been a slew of NUS students who have either been charged in court for molest, sexual harrassment, taking upskirt photos, or even peeping on their female counterparts while they are in the shower. Some NUS students have even been caught red handed doing the deed, and shamed on social media for it.

One wonders what they teach the male students down in NUS campuses. And if so, who taught them. But wonder no further. A lecturer from NUS is now the latest NUS linked male pervert who had bee charged in court for molesting an undergrad. In fact, the lecturer, Chinese national Long Yun, 36, was jailed for 14 weeks for molesting an NUS undergrad. He was alleged to have accidentally rub against the victim’s thigh when the shuttle bus they were in jerked forward.

Feeling aroused and emboldened that the female victim did not react, he proceeded to move even closer to her, and started rubbing his groin against her. This he did for a full four minutes. Once the victim overcame her shock and confusing, she told her friend, and together, they alerted the campus security on the incident. Police subsequently arrested Long.

If you wonder where perverted male students get their cue from, it is not a stretch to say the NUS lecturer is a role model for them. What is it about NUS and perverted males?

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