PSP Focus On Cost of Living, Healthcare, And Education, Every Singaporeans’ Current Complaints

The Progress Singapore Party (PSP) is not wasting any time to tackle issues that are close to Singaporeans’ hearts as they gear up for the upcoming elections. So soon after their islandwide walkabout to all 29 wards in Singapore, they have compiled a list of hot button issues that have been affecting Singaporeans for the past few years.

The party, led by former PAP MP and veteran politician, Dr Tan Cheng Bock, have released a few posters on its social media channels that points the way the party is focusing on for the elections. Singapore can expect the PSP to focus on issues like the cost of living, education and the affordability of healthcare and retirement during their campaigning for the elections.

Amongst the lines spotted on their posters are for education – “Let’s teach our children education is not which school they go to, it’s to give back to society and make a better Singapore”, eldercare – “For the dignity of our elders, make healthcare and retirement affordable”, and the high cost of living – “We must help those who struggle with living in the world’s most expensive city” .

Messages like “leave no one behind” and “everyone’s included” on all the posters also points towards the PSP’s campaign message, which is most likely centering on unity and inclusivity for all Singaporeans.

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