Chiam See Tong Retires From Politics, Bringing the Curtains Down On 4 Decades Of Fighting The PAP

Veteran opposition leader and the most well-known and most respected opposition MP amongst the opposition and PAP themselves, Mr Chiam See Tong, has stepped down as the secretary-general of the Singapore People’s Party (SPP). He spent 23 years at its helm, and with his retirement, brings down the curtain on his storied journey as Singapore’s foremost opposition, coming up against the PAP for the betterment of Singaporeans for over 40 years.

His wife and SPP’s current chairman, Lina Chiam said that Mr Chiam had given 40 years of his life devoted to politics, and it is now time for him to rest. She also added that Mr Chiam has given his all for Singaporeans to the best of his abilities, a statement even the most grudging of PAP supporters will agree with.

Mr Chiam had been with the SPP since 1996, after he left the party he founded in 1980, the SDP. Mr Chiam was the MP of Potong Pasir from 1984 – 2011, with the PAP unable to beat him in a General Elections at Potong Pasir until he vacated the seat in the 2011 GE, where he decided to contest for the five-member Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC.

We wish Mr Chiam a happy retirement, one that he has deservedly earned for his tireless and selfless act in serving Singaporeans.

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