Six Point Tip On How To Deal With PAP Supporters

A Facebook user, who goes by the name of Albert Tay, has given some advice to opposition supporters in SG on how to deal with the PAP and their supporters during the next few months in the lead up to the General Elections.

First, Albert advised all opposition supporters to avoid arguing with the PAP guys when they knock on home doors and instead just politely inform the politician or volunteers with these words – “I am voting for democracy, thank you.”

Second, Albert advised opposition supporters to tell their friends and family members about why they disagree with the PAP’s policies and talk about PAP’s failures, namely Temasek’s losses, the faltering economy, the reliance on foreign talent and unemployment in Singapore. He also advised opposition supporters to tell their family and friends that they are going to vote the PAP out and they should too.

Third, Albert said that arguments should not be created with their family and friends just because they are PAP supporters. Instead, he advised opposition supporters to say they liked LKY, but the PAP of today is not good enough.

Fourth, Albert suggested opposition supporters to organise a family or friends dinner and get together around election rally time. Then they should watch the rally together online or on TV, and show your support to your friends and family, and ask them join in too. If they want to argue, just tell them to enjoy the food and end the discussion there and then.

Fifth, Albert urged all opposition supporters to ban the PAP Internet Brigade (IB) from their social media and avoid engaging with them.

Lastly, Albert advised that when going to vote, the opposition supporter should stand tall and confident and not get intimidated, as the vote is secret.

May his six points tips work well for all opposition supporters.

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