Another Highly Educated Singaporean Uni Student Accused Of Filming Women Showering

Yet another highly educated, top university student from Singapore has been accused of filming two separate women on two separate occasions while they were using the toilet. This time, the student is reportedly studying at a top university in the UK, and his name is not reported with the reason being to protect his victims from being identified.

The 22 year old student has been charged in court, but his sentencing is only due out in December this year. The student was accused of filming a woman showering in a room at Orchard Hotel on Dec. 2, 2015, at about 1:30am, and filming another woman relieving herself in a toilet at a condominium in the east of Singapore on Dec. 23, 2016, at around 8:30pm. it was alleged that the student placed recording devices in the toilets on both occasions.

The accused applied for permission to leave Singapore to continue with his university education in the UK, and was actually granted a bail of $20,000 and permission to leave the country. his lawyer said that he is not a flight risk, even though he is studying and staying in the UK. He is supposed to be back in Singapore’s courts on December 11th, where he will reportedly face more charges.

In fulfilment of his bail conditions, the accused must provide his full travel itinerary to the investigation officer overseeing his case before his departure, and provide the full details of his residence and contact numbers. He must also remain contactable at all times, and surrender his passport to the investigation officer within 24 hours of returning to Singapore.

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