PSP Did Their First Walkabout On Sunday, TCB Seen At Ghim Moh & Tiong Bahru

Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s Progress Singapore Party (PSP) had their first ever walkabout on Sunday morning, with about 300 members and volunteers fanning out across the island. The Party secretary-general himself, Dr Tan Cheng Bock, was seen at Ghim Moh and Tiong Bahru.

This planned walkbaout by Singapore’s newest political party covered all 29 constituencies. Dr Tan then shared his experience on his first walkabout as an opposition leader, indicating that he was happy as the party got positive reviews from those that they met. He also said that at the two places that he was at, he was surprised many of those he met knew his name, although he was a bit disappointed that many of them are also not so sure about PSP yet, being as they are a very new party.

PSP’s Assistant Secretary General, Mr Anthony Lee said the purpose of the walkabout, named as 29 on 29, was so that Singaporeans can get to know the party better. As to Dr Tan’s presence in Ghim Moh and Tiong Bahru, the party stressed that there was no special significance, but more because the location was nearer to Dr Tan’s residence, so that it will not be too tiring for him.

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