Will Chen Show Mao Be Leaving Workers’ Party?

In a potential blow to The Worker’s Party (WP), national mouthpiece Shin Min questioned if Chen Show Mao will be switching political parties. Shin Min reported that The Worker’s Party (WP) MP Chen Show Mao had been seen attending activities by Chee Soon Juan’s Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) and Tan Cheng Bock’s Progress Singapore Party (PSP).

Shin Min also highlighted how Chen Show Mao had been losing prominence in WP ever since his failed attempt in 2016 to oust Low Thia Khiang. Furthermore Chen Show Mao had allegedly been absent from WP’s internal party meetings.

Curiously, back in July 2018, Chen Show Mao posted on his social media a picture of Chee Soon Juan competing in a triathlon. He worded this post with a quote by “Iron Man” — “Sometimes you gotta run before you walk”.

Will Chen Show Mao still be staying in WP, or is 154 media trying to stir shit again?

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