Lee Wei Ling: One Has To Be Remarkably Dumb To Not Know What LKY Wants For His Oxley Road Home

Dr Lee Wei Ling has posted another Facebook post, indicating that anyone in Singapore that does not know her father, Lee Kuan Yew wanted his marital home at 38 Oxley Road to be demolished is either remarkably dumb or very ill-informed. This came hot on the heels after PM Lee Hsien Loong’s press secretary releasing a press statement that said PM Lee will stand in Court to testify in his defamation suit against the chief editor of TOC, Terry Xu.

In the Facebook post on Tuesday evening, Dr Lee repeated what she knew of her father’s stance, that he wanted the property to be demolished as he did not want Singapore to have a cult of Lee Kuan Yew. Dr Lee also reiterated the reason why the house should be demolished – LKY did not want it open to public or turned into a shrine, and their mother, Mdm Kwa Geok Choo was a private person and did not want the public trampling through her home.

Dr Lee also remarked that “the PAP is trying to build a LKY personality cult.I hope this will fade away. Not because I am an unfilial daughter but because I want Singapore to continue to prosper and survive beyond LKY. So Oxley should be demolished after I am gone”. Dr Lee said she brought up the topic again because of the uncertainty concerning the demolishing of 38 Oxley Road. She also called for Singapore and Singaporeans to give LKY his final wish, as he had spent his life fulfilling the wish of every Singaporeans.

The Court case scheduled for end of Oct should be a spicy one.

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