Opposition Parties Paid Tribute To Wong Wee Nam, PAP Cannot Be Bothered

Veteran politician Wong Wee Nam, who became known for his vocal support for opposition politicians and for daring to speak out for Singaporeans, passed away on Saturday at the age of 72, after battling Parkinson’s disease for the past few years. Singapore’s opposition parties and politicians have came out and paid tribute to the late Wong.

The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP), to whom Dr Wong shared a close relationship with in his later years as an opposition politician, credited the late politician for influencing many of its policies. The SDP also indicated that Dr Wong nearly contested the 2011 General Election under its banner. However, Dr Wong had to withdraw at the last minutes because of family reasons. SDP chairman, Paul Tambyah, also wrote on his FB account that Dr Wong was a “kind doctor, deep thinker, Singaporean patriot and good friend” and that he will be missed.

Amongst other noted opposition political parties, the Singapore People’s Party (SPP) also extended their deepest condolences to Dr Wong’s family, and called Dr Wong “a highly respected doctor and leader”. Meanwhile, Singapore First Party chief and ex-Presidential candidate, Tan Jee Say, who was a close personal friend of Dr Wong, paid tribute to him, indicating that it was because of Dr Wong that he took his first steps into his own political career.

As is expected, the PAP had nothing to say to the departed Dr Wong’s family. Because after all, he is the opposition’s voice, and he contributed nothing to the PAP’s cause.

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