Josephine Teo Says Sex In Small Spaces Remark Was A Private Joke

Manpower Minister Josephine Teo said in an interview that she should not have said the remark which she is famous now for – that “You need a very small space to have sex”. The comment one of many was made by the Minister famous for shooting her mouth off with many other such empty comments, showing her total disregard to the real issues facing Singaporeans.

The comment was uttered by the brainless Minister in the context of an interview, where she was asked candidly about how Singaporeans don’t need to get a flat before having children. She was given flak for the comments, and back then in 2016, she claimed her comments were taken out of context on social media. However, now in another interview, she has backtracked and said that, instead of how her words were twisted and taken out of context, she actually said it like it is, and was meant as a “Private Joke”.

Another brainless statement, like a Private Joke between her and her husband in full view of the media? Or was the private joke between her and the journalists interviewing her? What is she talking about? She also said that she should never have uttered that comment. Obviously, if that was a Private Joke, then why say it in a public setting? Stupid or what?

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