It Has Begun! TOC’s Terry Xu Served Letter By PM’ Lawyers, He Is Being Sued As Expected

As has been expected since news broke last week that PM Lee’s lawyers had instructed The Online Citizen (TOC) to remove an article that it claimed defamed PM Lee, Terry Xu, the Chief Editor of TOC, was served a Writ of Summons along with a Statement of Claim by Davinder Singh Chambers LLC. The law firm is of course acting on behalf of PM Lee, and as promised, PM Lee will sue anyone he deems of defaming him until their pants drop.

The Writ was served on 5 September at Terry Xu’s house, which indicated that the article in question “contained statements that are false and baseless and were calculated to disparage and impugn PM Lee as well as his office as the Prime Minister.” Xu has 8 days to enter an appearance to defend the claim. This is also not the first time lawyer Davinder Singh has represented PM Lee in his defamation suits. He was involved when PM Lee sued Roy Ngerng in 2015, and most recently Leong Sze Hian, whose case is still ongoing.

Xu, on his part, has maintained that the article in question was not defamatory in any sense. He also questions why, if the issue was in the public domain as PM Lee himself had addressed the issue in Parliament, can it be seen as defamatory. Others have called on PM Lee to also sue his siblings, as it will not be fair to target a prominent activist for an article that also appears elsewhere.

At the end of the day, the pattern is clear. The Whites are now in the process of cleaning house in anticipation of the next GE, so they have to start suing the pants of those activists who will write negative things about them online.

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