PM Lee Advise Future PM To Be In Touch With Singaporeans, Something He Has Never Done Before

In an hour long ministerial forum with students from the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) on Wednesday evening, PM Lee had some some advice for a future Prime Minister. PM Lee made sure that the students understood that the advice was for a future Prime Minister, not the future Prime Minister, who we all know is going to be Heng Swee Keat.

In his advice, he urged the future top guy take an interest in society around him, and to take interest in any world events happening currently. He also strongly encouraged a future PM to read the newspapers to see how Singapore can fit in, something that most people do, but obviously PM Lee still see a need to tell everyone. The best part was that he encouraged this future PM to participate in Singapore’s wider society, to understand what the man on the ground is going through.

Like PM Lee ever does that. If he had followed his own advice and walked the ground, he would understand the frustrations Singaporeans face in the face of rising costs of living, and the difficulty ot make ends meet. Oh no, PM Lee is busy hunting the social media to sue anyone who dares paint him in a bad light. Win!

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