PAP Minister Ng Chee Meng Spotted In Potong Pasir, PAP Scared Of Losing Ward

PAP heavyweight Minister and one of the 4G Leaders PAP have been proud to push forward, Ng Chee Meng, was spotted meeting residents on a walkabout at Potong Pasir, which is a Single Member Constituency (SMC), over the weekend. Ng, of course, is not an MP there. A video published on the Potong Pasir SMC Facebook page showed Ng walking and talking with residents there.

The Potong Pasir ward, of course, belonged to opposition’s Chiam See Tong, for 27 years from from 1984 to 2011. Chiam’s party lost the last GE because he decided to vacate the post and fight in a GRC, while Lina Chiam took over as the opposition candidate there. Lina Chiam subsequently lost out to the PAP candidate, but by a negligible margin.

Does the presence of the heavyweight PAP minister then show that PAP is desperate to win the Potong Pasir ward, as they view the ward as a possible ward they might lose?

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