17 Year Old Girl Attempted To Take Her Life From Multi Story Carpark

A 17 year old girl was pulled to safety by Singapore Police Force officers as she attempted to take her own life from the top of a multi storey carpark. The incident took place on Saturday evening around 8:40pm, at the Toa Payoh Lorong 1, Blk 110A carpark.

The girl was apparently pulled off the ledge she was sitting on by police officers when she was distracted. An eyewitness said the girl was wearing a white cap, and was seen sitting on the ledge at the top of the multi story carpark, looking down and sobbing. Many police cars and SCDF vehicles were seen below the carpark where the girl was. SCDF had also set up an inflatable cushion at the foot of the building. 10 police officers were seen trying to dissuade her from jumping, with one officer seen holding a phone and showing her something on it. Police managed to pull her off when she was not looking at them.

Police confirmed that a 17 year old girl was taken to Tan Tock Seng Hospital conscious, and that she was arrested soon after. Let’s all hope the girl can overcome whatever depressing problems she faced.

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