Little Known Law: Children Over 21 Can Sue Parents Over University Education Support

Not many people in Singapore know this, but the secret’s now out in the open. A clause in the Women’s Charter mandates payouts for education of children, even those over 21 who are unable to support themselves. What this means is, someone over 21 years old, who has no means of supporting themselves, can sue their parents over the funding of their university education.

This clause came into the spotlight when a 22 year old Singaporean student successfully sued his father over the funding of his overseas university education. In this case, the Singaporean student’s University is in Canada, and his father is a 60 year old sole shareholder of a logistics company and director of various other companies.

The father, who was not named, was given 10 days to settle the first payout for his son’s Canadian university education in Canada. At a Family Court on August 21, the father won a temporary reprieve on the enforcement order. he is currently contesting the maintenance order to fund his son’s tertiary education. Apart from the father, the mother was also ordered by the Court to cover 40 percent of the funds needed to pay the educational fees.

It really is a topsy-turvy world when a child can sue his parents over university education. As a society, that is how low we have become.

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