Josephine Teo Wants Singaporean Couples To have Kids Earlier

Minister for Manpower and Second Minister for Home Affairs Josephine Teo has urged young Singaporean couples to start having kids and start families earlier in life. She also said that Government will not interfere in Singaporeans lives, but went ahead on dishing out advice for young couples.

Teo, who also oversees population matters, was laying out new policy initiatives for Singaporeans to start conceiving during a joint ministerial media conference on Aug. 28, 2019. Teo is also famous for saying that Singaporeans need small space to start making babies, a suggestion that has since been taken up with the many staircase sex videos circulated online in SG. This time round, a government that will not interfere in Singaporeans lives suggests how early Singaporeans should start making babies, and why small space is enough.

In the conference, Teo’s message was clear. Singaporeans need to start having more babies. Of course, the Government have dangled a few more chicken wings to entice Singaporeans to have babies, this time including providing enhanced preschool subsidies, more funding for fertility treatments, and giving newborns their first passport free.

Does Teo and her fellow Minsiters realised the financial burden being put to Singaporeans by the Government are the very thing that is stopping Singaporeans to pro-create?

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