Lim Tean And Other Party Members Met With Malaysian Counterpart To Study Their Success

Veteran opposition politician and the Chief of People’s Voice Party (PVP), Lim Tean, teamed up with political exile tan Wah Piow, activist Leong Sze Hian and PVP member Mohamed Nassir Ismail holding a discussion in KL titled “Will the Singapore Opposition make a breakthrough in the coming GE?”

The discussion was hosted at the Kuala Lumpur Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, and was also attended by Malaysian Member Of Parliament for Petaling Jaya, Ms Maria Chin Abdullah. Ms Maria Chin is known for her role in the Bersih Movement, and was even imprisoned by Najib Razak’s government for the Bersih protest. She subsequently contested and won the Petaling Jaya constituency in 2018, contesting as an Independent candidate. She joined Anwar Ibrahim’s PKR after being voted in as the MP for Malaysia’s largest constituency.

In the duscussion, Lim Tean call for oppostion parties in Singapore to unite to bring down the PAP, saying that there are more commonality amongst the Singapore opposition than differences. Tan Wah Piow, meanwhile, who was exiled to London, spoke about how he was wrongly accused by then Singapore government, just because he dared to take on the PAP then. Tan has been in self-exile since 1976.

Leong Sze Hian addressed the issues of the squeezed middle class, and argued why living standards could be infinitely better for all with a different set of policy. He did not address his ongoing saga, where PM Lee himself has sued him, and he has counter sued the PM. His case was still pending.

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