Jewel Mirror Accident: Family Of Dead Toddler Hires Lawyer

The family of the 18 month old toddler who was killed when a mirror fell on top of her at Urban Revivo apparel shop in Jewel Changi Airport has hired a lawyer. This is even though the family had gone back to China on Monday, while the toddler was cremated in Singapore on Sunday. This could pave the way for the family suing the shop.

A civil case is likely to be pursued by the family once investigations to determine if the incident was an accident, or if any of the parties are at fault, has been completed. The courts will have to determine liability and damages if any party pursues a civil case.

In the incident, which occurred just three hours before the girl and her family were due to fly back to China on Friday at about 3pm, a few children had knocked down the mirror while playing in the Urban Revivo store. The mirror reportedly then fell on the toddler, who was then standing in front of it. CCTV footage caught the incident, although no videos had been released on the incident. The girl was unconscious when she was taken to Changi General Hospital, where she was subsequently pronounced dead.

Police have classified the incident as an unnatural death and are currently investigating. At the Urban Revivo store itself, all standing mirrors had been removed.

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