SDP’s Jufrie Mahmood: Govt Does Not Care About Welfare Of Singaporeans

Singapore Democratic Party’s (SDP) veteran politician Mohamed Jufrie Bin Mahmood has publicly opined via his Facebook post that the Singapore government does not really care for the welfare of Singaporeans, despite them giving out GST vouchers and many other goodies, especially as the elections draw nearer.

In his post dated 23 August, Jufrie Mahmood said that a government which is against the the implementation of a minimum wage policy is a government that does not really care about the welfare of the down trodden in society. Jufrie went on to say that the Ministers only think and care about themselves, as they keep harping on the millions in salary they are entitled to. Who entitled them to the millions but themselves?

Jufrie then ended his post by saying that SDP “has for a long time been advocating for the introduction of a minimum wage for the lower income workers. Does a government which thinks only about the wealth of its ministers and how much they are entitled to deserve your support?”

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