Man Becomes Singapore’s Online Villain After Being Caught Throwing Used Diaper On Car

A man in Singapore has became a famous social media figure overnight for the wrong reasons, due to his laziness and just plain stupidity and lack of common sense and moral compass. He was caught in the act of throwing a soiled diaper that landed splat on the back windscreen of the car that was taking the video of his act.

The incident happened at Tampines mall carpark on 24 August, and he happened to throw the diaper on the very car which had its camera running even when the car was not moving. The video footage was posted online by one Jonathan Lee, who found the dirty diaper on his car when he came back to his parked vehicle.

In the video, a woman who was already inside the car was seen passing the dirty diaper to the man, who was standing outside the car. Instead of looking for a rubbish bin like most normal people would do, this guy just decided to fling the diaper on to the car parked behind his, with a look of utter disdain. The man even took another look at his handywork, and in his triumphant moment, probably failed to realise that the camera was filming his very vile act.

Jonathan Lee has since reported the matter to the NEA, with the video being evidence of the man’s disgusting act. The man’s car plate number was also easily visible. He should expect a visit to the NEA office soon. And if you happen to know this man, then stay away from him. he would not think twice at flinging a dirty diaper heading your way.

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