Tan Kin Lian Says PM Lee Used Colourful Charts And Powerpoint Presentations Only As Smoke Bombs

Former Presidential hopeful and Singapore’s all time second favourite Tan, Tan Kin Lian, has boldly said what every sane Singaporean was thinking, that PM Lee uses a lot of wow words, colourful charts and bombastic Powerpoint presentations during his National Day Rally, but actually the actual problems that Singaporeans faced are not addressed at all.

Mr Tan also said that PM Lee used the exact same formats for all of his previous NDRs, but the problems still remain towards the end of his reign as PM. One of the sticking points of PM Lee’s NDR was his address on the climate change issue. While climate change is a real problem and one that Singapore has to tackle head on, many felt that the focus on this issue during NDR was perplexing. Mr Tan himself opined that while this was important, the fact that Singapore need to spend $100 billion to tackle this issue was even necessary.

He then said of more important issue was how to bring down the cost of living in SG, something that PM Lee barely touched on. PM Lee also focused on issues relating to CPF, specifically on how Singapore’s official retirement age will be gradually raised to 65. In addition, CPF contribution rates will be gradually raised for workers aged 55 and above. This will start as soon as 2021 and will take about 10 years to fully implement.

All these just seems to lead to the inevitable, that the Government will hold even more of our money, and how the $100b projected to be spent on tackling climate change would be paid for. More taxes for Singaporeans, perhaps? Question is, where will all our money go to?

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