Huge Fire Broke Out In East Coast, Spans 2 Football Fields, Third Huge Fire In 1 Day

A huge fire broke out at East Coast Park last night, and witnesses said the fire engulfed an area probably as huge as two football fields. SCDF dod not report any casualties in the fire that occurred on the evening of 12 August at the location named as Marina East Drive.

Videos and photos circulating online shows thick billowing smoke and flames from around 9pm on Monday. SCDF confirmed the fire involved vegetation, and that some 50 firefighters were deployed to put out the fire. The fire was eventually brought under control by 10:30pm.

This was the third huge vegetation fire that occurred on Monday. Earlier in the day, two separate vegetation fires broke out along Jurong Road and Pang Sua Canal. The fire at Jurong apparently was as bog as 10 football fields. Investigations are still being carried out by the SCDF on all three fires.

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