The Actor Behind The Brownface Controversy Have Yet To Apologise. Why?

Everyone involved in the recent brownface controversy and the subsequent video slamming the ad have apologised. Mediacporp and the ad agency behind the infamous brownface ad have apologised for the bad taste in making the ad. Nets, the organisation behind E-Pay, of which the ad was representing, had also apologised. Preetipls and Subhas have also apologised, twice, for their video in which they slam the ad.

So it seems like there has been a lot of apology arising from this ad. All that is, apart from the very man who was behind the brown faces himself. Dennis Chew. He has gone silent on this issue, even though he is not far from the public spotlight. So, why has he gone quiet? Surely a word like “Sorry for the ad, I was badly advised to do the ad” would be sufficient. But no, Dennis has gone silent, knowing full well that he is the actual man in the middle of this unnecessary storm.

So, where is he hiding? Is he sleeping well at night, knowing he had inadvertently pushed Singapore’s racism issue in the spotlight? Heck, he was the actual racist guy in all of this storm. Why so silent. Whisper it quietly, but is Dennis hiding behind his Chinese privilege?

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