Govt Quick To Act Against Activists; IMDA Issues take Down Notice Against Them For The Rap Video

Who says Singapore Government and civil servant takes a long time to act? The Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) has shown how fast it can act, when it issued notices to a few Singaporeans to remove social media posts featuring the vulgarity-laden controversial response rap video by siblings, Preeti and Subhas Nair. Strange thing is, the letters have been served to mostly activist who are known for their anti-PAP stance. Coincidence?

SO far, two of the activists have been issued with the notices. They are well known activists Jolovan Wham and Roy Ngerng. They had put up the video despite the IMDA on July 30 having assessed that it constituted prohibited content under the Internet Code of Practice. The video is deemed objectionable on grounds of public interest and national harmony. Both are required by IMDA to remove the contents of their post within 6 hours of receiving the notice.

The Nair siblings, who are the publishers of the video, was already issued to take down their own video from their various social media platforms and the siblings complied within the same day. Jolovan Wham, whose own post on the video has attracted nearly 18,000 views and over 300 shares, said he had to comply with the order, and told his followers that they had another 6 hours to view the video before he is forced to take it down. Roy Ngerng meanwhile, had already taken the video down.

At the same time IMDA also urged the public not to share the video, as they called the video “offensive, vulgar and aggressive.” However, it was not made known apart from the two activists, who else in SG had received the take down notices, or was the notice only targeted at known activists who are anti-PAP.

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