Chan Chun Sing Says SG Must Do More To Attract More International Talent

Seems like Minister for Trade and Industry, Chan Chun Sing really have been living in his own PAP bubble all this time. At a point in Singapore’s recent history where locals are up in arms over the number of foreign talent who have come in and taken over jobs while local Singaporeans struggle in their own country to get employment, here he is calling for Singapore to do more to attract foreign talent.

And how to do this? Why, via government schemes such as fast-tracking visas, as well as other strategies so that Singapore can assure companies already in Singapore they can choose from a pool of talent from all over the world. Of course, not to ruffle Singaporeans feathers further, he said that Singapore need to attract these world class talent to work in tandem with our own local talents. And of course, if these companies flourish at the back of these foreign talent, then we will have a more vibrant market, and opportunities to grow. So, locals should thank these FTs, for without them, we still wouldn’t be able to have good jobs.

Maybe the government should do more about their other important strategy, that of developing and growing our own local talent first.

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