Ho Ching Shares LGBT Post On Her Social Media, Is She Pro LGBT Or Pro PM Lee?

Ho Ching, the wife of PM Lee and possible the richest CEO in Singapore ever, has shared yet another pro-Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) post on her social media page. Ho Ching, of course, has been notorious lately for flood posting her FB page with many links every single day.

Ho Ching, who is also the CEO of Temasek shared an article on her personal Facebook page about how a UK citizen took his life after his strict Muslim family told him he needed to be cured of being gay. The article, published by Birmingham Live, covered Dr Nazim Mahmood’s death from the perspective of his longtime boyfriend and fiance Matt Ogston. Mr Ogston revealed that he had been in a 13-year relationship with Dr Nazim but the pair had to keep the relationship a secret, out of fear about how Dr Nazim’s family would react to his sexuality.

Dr Nazim, who had been engaged to Mr Ogston for three years, took his life after his parents found out about his sexuality and told him to see a psychiatrist to be cured because they saw being gay as a disease.

This is also not the first time Ho Ching has shared pro-LGBT articles. She had shared a Pink Dot event page last year, and also other articles that speak of LGBT pride. Of course, Ho Ching’s social media stance differs that from her husband, PM Lee, who although said that Singapore are not against LGBT finding work here, the government would still not repeal Section 377A, as the need to to criminalise gay law is still important in Singapore.

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