61 Year Old Man To Spend Time In Prison To Reflect Why He Stole Bras And Panties

When you are 61 years old, you are either looking forward to a retirement and time to relax and reflect on your life, or preparing for a few more years of hardship as you can never see your CPF money. But for a 61 year old man who have a fetish for all things undergarments, he will be contemplating life behind bars for the next 30 weeks.

The man, who was not named, was caught stealing 150 pieces of women’s underwear. However, he was only charged for two counts of theft and one count of public nuisance. Two other charges were taken into consideration during sentencing. On May 13th this year, a woman residing at Block 19 Balam Road discovered several pieces of underwear she had hung to dry along the corridor overnight were missing. The four bras and two panties stolen from her cost a total of $200. A police report was lodged following yet another theft of her undergarments on May 15th.

With the aid of CCTV cameras, the police established the suspect’s identity and tracked him down to his residence. The man was arrested the following day, and found with 120 bras and 37 panties.

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