Neighbour From Hell Makes Life Difficult For Family, Calls Police To Check On Them For No Apparent Reason

A mother of three got so frustrated with her neighbour from hell that she took to social media to vent her anger at the alleged harassment the neighbour subjected her and her family. The neighbour, who is alleged to be a single guy in his 40s who is jobless, will bang on the walls of the bedroom with an object every single day and night even at 1am when the woman’s kids are all asleep.

The woman and her husband and three kids stay at a Circuit Road flat next to this neighbour from hell. She said that the actions of the man make her 3 young kids get badly affected, so much so that they cannot get a good night’s sleep. The neighbour will bang on the walls that separate their units if he hears any sounds. She adds that she and her husband have even resorted to creeping to the washroom at night so as not to disturb her three small children.

As they cannot get a peaceful sleep in their bedroom, the couple and their kids have resorted to sleeping in their living room. Instead of the harassment stopping, the hellish neighbour will go so far as to call the police in the wee hours of the morning if he hears no sounds coming from their bedroom. The woman also alleges that the man would be heard walking to and fro and stop in front of her unit and walking back and forth again, just to continue harassing them.

As of now, the family has resorted to calling the HDB (Housing Development Board) to complain, meeting with their MP, reporting the matter to the police for civil harassment, engaging a lawyer, collecting report numbers from police officers to bring to court, going around to affected neighbours to write in and also getting medical reports for her son. But, she adds, “this need time and process (sic) but this will continue till the court date, but my son needs to go to school”.

And on July 15, the family also installed CCTVs in their living room, in hopes of fighting back against the harassment.

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