Myanmar Nationals Staged Protest Outside SG Embassy In Washington

Myanmar nationals has come out in droves to protest against the Singapore government who arrested and deported the leaders of the Arakanese Association (Singapore). The protest took place in front of the Singapore Embassy in Washington DC on Monday.

The protest came about after six Mynamar nationals were arrested in Singapore and subsequently deported back to their homeland for illegally garnering support for armed violence against the Myanmar government. The Arakanese Association leaders were allegedly supporters of the Arakan Army (AA), a Rakhine insurgent group which the Myanmar government has designated a terrorist organisation. The AA is the armed wing of the United League of Arakan, which seeks greater autonomy for the Rakhine state and whose members are mostly Buddhist ethnic Rakhines.

Based on reports, the Arakan Youths Union (Japan) are also planning a protest against Singapore at their embassy in Tokyo on Wednesday afternoon. The Japan chapter of the Arakans Youth Union said that the arrested individuals were not connected with the Arakan Army, but instead were aiding Arakanese refugees in Myanmar. It added that the Arakan Army was not a terrorist organisation but a legitimate rebel army.

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