SG Man Urged Others Not To Be Ashamed Of Their Parents Jobs, His Father Is A Cleaner

A Singaporean man’s post have gone viral, in reminding everyone that their role models need not be a celebrity, an athlete or some rich movie superstars. Instead, their role models can be closer to home and even closer to heart. That role model he was talking about is his own father, who just happened to be a man who works as a cleaner.

In his heartwarming Facebook post dated 12 July, youth mentor Sahri Jumaat reminds everyone exactly why his role model is his father, who does not exude glamour or star power. Dedicating the post to his father, whom he describes as a ‘perfect role model’, Sahri talks about how a role model should shape or influence others positively without motivations of greed or selfishness. Sahri’s father will offer words of wisdom when his son is having a hard time. He won’t judge others for their past actions or help them for selfish reasons, because he legitimately cares about them.

Sahri’s father makes sure to fulfill his responsibilities and will do whatever it takes to get them done. Even when he has no money, he will support his children.

So remember to always appreciate your parents when they are still around. After all, they are usually your first role model.

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