Man Charged After Defaulting On NS, SAF Showing They Don’t Target Pro Footballers Only

A 22 year old man was charged in the courts on Monday after he had allegedly defaulted on his National Service obligations. The man, named as Jonathan Lee Han Wen, is a Singapore citizen by birth, and he was alleged to have remained outside the country for more than three years after his exit permit expired.

While no reports on where he is currently staying or when he actually returned to Singapore has emerged, according to reports, Lee is currently serving his National Service. he was alleged to have remained outside Singapore from Sept 1, 2013, to Jan 1, 2017, after his exit permit expired. He was also accused of failing to comply with a “further reporting order” to report for pre-enlistment documentation and a medical screening between Sept 19, 2014, and Jan 2, 2017.

Lee’s case echoed that of professional footballer wannabe, Ben Davis. He was supposed to have served his National Service currently, but he defaulted and is said to have signed professional terms with Fulham, an English based professional football team. While Davis has still not been charged in court as he is currently still in absentia without official leave, or AWOL, Lee has been dealt with, as he had returned to Singapore and serving his defaulted NS obligations.

This latest case is warning to Davis that his chances of ever representing Singapore either via football, or indeed, serving his NS obligations, looks remote by the day.

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