Elderly Man In Attempted Bedok Robbery Arrested At Yishun, Where Else?

A 67 year old man, whose age deemed that he could have retired and enjoy his twilight years, was instead arrested by the Police for suspicions of an attempted robbery at a pawnshop in Bedok. The robbery attempt took place on Friday, and the man was arrested at Yishun within 32 hours of the alleged incident.

In the incident, the elderly man had attempted to smash open a glass display case containing gold jewellery at the pawnshop at Block 213 Bedok North Street . However, his attempt failed, as instead of the glass breaking, the chopper broke into two instead. The man, who had concealed his face wearing a surgical mask, then fled the scene without taking anything.

Police managed to track down the man, and arrested him at Yishun Street 22. it was not known if he stayed in the area. Investigations are still ongoing. Quite why the man was desperate to attempt an armed robbery at the sprightly age of 67 is also not known, as of now. If he is struggling to make ends meet, then the prison stay will help alleviate all his money problems, since he has free meals three times a day, free accommodation, and free medical services too.

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