Istana Advertises For Chef Job, Keeps Repeating President Halimah As A He

The Istana is presently looking for a chef to join its staff, and has placed an advert on the government job portal, [email protected] Istana, is of course, the official residence of the President of Singapore, Halimah Yacob. Unfortunately, the advertisement keeps referring to the President as a male.

President Halimah if of course no stranger to confusion in her presidency. She was elected as the reserved Malay president, when at one time in her political career, she was referred to as an Indian Muslim. Indian Muslims are definitely not Malay, but for Halimah’s case, she is deemed Malay enough to be a Malay. So what to make of this latest confusion?

The Istana itself is not able to tell that they have been hosting a female president most recently? In the ad, the Istana has referred to President Halimah Yacob as a “he”. The first line of the chef job indicated in its description “to support the President in the execution of HIS presidential duties” Interestingly, the chef position is not the only one advertised by the Istana. There were another to jobs advertised, that of a Gallery Officer and another one as a Assistant Senior Butler / Butler. And both job description also describes the President as a “he”.

Poor Halimah.

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