Ex Mediacorp Actress Jesseca Liu Appeals For Return Of Her Laptop

It seems that absent-mindedness can affect anyone, from the average person on the streets to a former actress with Mediacorp. Ex Mediacorp star, Jesseca Liu was the latest to be afflicted with absent,mindedness, as she posted on her Facebook on July 11 to get help to find her laptop.

How did she lose the laptop? Apparently, she left her Macbook Air on a car roof after parking at block 650 Jalan Tenaga. She was apparently visiting a friend there. Forgetting about the laptop on the roof of the car, she went off to run her errands, and the laptop most likely fell onto the ground. Chances of finding the laptop might not be great, but Jesseca Liu said that the laptop contains important information and scripts.

She even left contact details of her company, if by any chance someone finds it. The address and contact details she gave was:

Phone: 6478 0660
Address: Block 745 Toa Payoh Lorong 5 #02-02B, The Actuary Singapore 319455

So if anyone happened to be at Jalan Tenaga on July 11, and found laptop on the ground at a carpark there, now you know who it belongs to.

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