SG Women Target Of DeepNude App, Photos Doctored Of Them To Show Them Nude

It is bad enough for women in Singapore that the number of upskirt crimes have been going up in SG, where many perverts have been caught taking upskirts photos of unsuspecting women on escalators in Singapore. Some may even find their upskirted photos uploaded on porn websites or forums.

Now there is a new threat in town. Apparently, an app called the DeepNude app, which was launched a several months ago, allows users of the app to doctor photos of unsuspecting women and make them appear as naked. The app uses Artificial Intelligence to make the women naked. And over the past several weeks, dozens of women in Singapore have had their pictures on social media stolen, doctored and uploaded to a sex forum. Some of these pictures have been compiled and recirculated on pornographic sites, with more additions every day. The photos were doctored to make them appear in the nude via the DeepNude app.

The app was shut donw last month by their creators, who listed themselves as Estonians, after backlash on social media. Lawyers in SG said that anyone who creates such images, even though they are known to be doctored and obviously fake, still face heavy punishments, as the victims are identifiable. Victims can also use the Protection from Harassment Act to take out protection orders against online users, even if they appear to be anonymous.

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