TP Plan to Stop Issuing Physical Driving Licence, One Less Card To Carry

The Traffic Police will stop issuing physical driving licences in a push towards digitization, but drivers still can request for it if they still want to have a physical licence to keep with them. This plan was announced in Parliament by Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Home Affairs Sun Xueling.

Currently, the Road Traffic Act states that motorists need to surrender their licence if asked by the authorities on the road, but it will be amended to cater to this new plan. The move was because the TP officers now do not have any need to look at physical licences, when they can access the individual’s information using the NRIC number and date of birth. However, motorists still do need physical licences when they travel overseas and decide to rent a vehicle to drive.

For such cases, motorists can request for a physical licence to be issued to them.

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