Tan Cheng Bock Sits At Same Table With PAP MPs, Possibly Challenging Them In Next GE

The Chief of Progress Singapore Party (PSP) and possibly de facto opposition figurehead, Dr Tan Cheng Bock, found himself in a very familiar, yet peculiar position over dinner at a community event. Dr Tan was attending the a celebration at Sheng Hock Temple, which is located in the West Coast GRC, on Sunday night.

He was seated at a table reserved for guests of the Temple, and found himself seated beside S Iswaran and Foo Mee Har, both PAP MPs for the West Coast GRC ward. Dr Tan was, of course formerly an MP for Ayer Rajah SMC in 1980, the year he entered Parliament, under the umbrella of the PAP then. Ayer Rajah SMC is now under the West Coast GRC ward, thus the two PAP MPs being present there. So, being at the same table with other PAP MPs is nothing new for Dr Tan, being that he is a well-respected member of the PAP when he was still wearing their colours.

But of course, Dr Tan is now the opposition figure head, and analysts think he most likely might lead a team to contest the GRC against the PAP MPs. So there he is, sharing a table with his potential opponents.

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