Ong Ye Kung Blames Technology And Social Media For Eroded Trust For Govt

Minister of Education and widely known by Singaporeans as a backdoor Minister, Ong Ye Kung said that trust on institutions and the government is weakening, and he laid the blame on the advance of technology and how ‘bad news’ and untruthful facts spreads faster via social media platforms. Ong was speaking at the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine 2019 Medical Dinner on Wednesday 3rd July.

The event was held to commemorate and welcome the graduates of 2019 from NUS Medicine and Nursing into the professional world and to honour alumni. In his speech, he said that “For a national institution to be effective, it needs leadership and talent, effective organization, and above all, it needs public trust – the most important ingredient.” he then focus on trust, and believed that the problem of eroding trust towards institutions and government are slowly eroding the world over.

He then indicated that the most common reason why trust is eroding is because of the role of digital technology, and how bad news generally gets spread faster on social media, and how negative news are generally over exaggerated. He failed to mention that another reason is because bad and negative news gets widespread coverage now because governments cannot find a way to stop them from spreading like they do when social media was non-existent.

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