Lee Hsien Yang Attends Pink Dot With Gay Son, Lee Hsien Loong Will Never Be Seen In One

The brother of Singapore’s Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Yang, was spotted attending the most recent Pink Dot event on June 29. His photo, where the whole family was standing alongside his gay son, Li Huanwu, and Li’s husband, Heng Yirui, was doing its rounds on social media over the weekend. Lee Hsien Yang’s wife, Lee Suet Fern, alongside Heng’s parents were the other people in the photo attending Pink Dot 11.

Hsien Yang told those in attendance that he was there to see what the event is all about, and also added that he was happy that his second son Li had tied the knot with Heng in May this year in South Africa. Same sex marriages are legal in South Africa. Li and Heng was also spotted last year at the Pink Dot event, but this was the first appearance made by PM Lee’s brother. The Pink Dot organisers had called on PM Lee himself to attend the event, but conveniently, the PM was away from Singapore at the G20 summit in Osaka.

PM Lee had said that Singapore welcomes every one to work here, no matter their sexual preferrences. However, he did say the Section 377A, which the LGBTQ community her in SG is trying hard to repeal, was here to stay.

That it was a bit ironic that the PM, who is also known online by his moniker Pinkie Lee, will never attend a Pink Dot event, was not lost on anyone, least of all the LGBTQ community.

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