PM Lee Says Singapore Has To Constantly Reinvents, But PAP Remains The Same

During a dialogue at the Smart Nation Summit, which inexplicably included PM Lee as its Guest of Honour, being that he is ‘smart’, PM Lee reiterated that for Singapore to keep up and be relevant in this day and age, Singaporeans and their leaders need to constantly reinvent itself. He also pointedly said that the leaders of Singapore also need to reinvent.

The irony of his statement seems lost on his, for while his call for Singapore leaders to keep reinventing themselves, PAP have not changed in all their years of power. You ask really? Consider this. PAP is still using the same tactics, don’t want opposition to win more brownie points? Then make sure they are pinned with being useless and good for nothing. Case in point is the Aljunied Hougang GRC case. Elections time coming nearer? Then give Singaporeans goodies as chicken wings, then they are happy, they will vote PAP in again, and then take back whole chicken. This process has been ongoing forever.

And if a citizen or a critic of the government speaks out against them, and they cannot rebuff the points made with any meaningful facts? Sue the poor bugger. And citizens having a voice online now, and mainstream media cannot stem this flow of voices? Introduce new law to silence them.

So, PAP leaders reinvent themselves? Has not happen in the past five decades, unlikely to ever happen in the next five decades.

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