Grab Investigating Delivery Driver Who Stole Shoes After Making Delivery

Grab said that they are investigating a case of their GrabFood delivery rider who was caught on a CCTV stealing shoes from the very house he had made his delivery a mere minute before. The rider was caught taking a pair of shoes and keeping it in the Grab Delivery bag where he had kept the food for delivery to the house earlier.

The video of the incident has since gone viral, with Facebook user Grace Lim the first to post on Thursday morning. According to the time stamp on the video, the incident happened on 20 June at about 1:41pm. In the footage, the delivery guy was seen riding on an e-scooter outside the unit, which happened to be Grace Lim’s cousin’s home. He was seen passing on the meal to a person who had opened the door. The rider then went back to his e-scooter, and pretended to be fiddling with his phone. After presumably the door to the unit was closed, the rider rode close to the shoe rack, and proceeded to take a pair of shoes with him.

He placed the shoes inside the delivery bag, while failing to notice that his actions were being caught on the CCTV placed above the unit’s door. The rider than just rode away. Expect the rider to be found out by Grab pretty soon, the evidence is pretty compelling.

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