PAP MP Takes Sarcastic Jibe At Pritam Singh, But He Replies With Class

PAP Member of Parliament and also a Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Social and Family Development, Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim was on his once every two (or four) years walkabout at his Nee Soon GRC ward when he chanced upon WP MP Mr Pritam Singh at the very same location also doing his walkabout.

Now, Pritam is an MP for the Aljunied ward, but seeing as he is the WP leader, it was not a surprise to see him grace a WP walkabout at Nee Soon. The chance meeting also happened to be on Friday’s Day. So, Assoc Prof Faishal took this opportunity to wish Pritam a Happy Father’s Day on his Facebook, as well as sarcastically applauding him for doing the walkabout at Nee Soon for only the third time ever. In his own words, he said:

“Been a while since Pritam and his team visited us. Very infrequent in the last year. Today we came across Pritam and team today, during my walkabout. Said hello. The last time we saw them in Nee Soon was more than eight months ago — Nov 2018. And before that, we saw them in February last year. I was with our volunteers greeting residents, and handing out Fathers Day cards. Wishing every Dad a #HappyFathersDay.”

However, Pritam did not take the bait, and refused to be engaged in a like for like sarcasm, instead, simply thanking Assoc Prof Faishal for his post, wishing him a Happy Father’s Day giving his best wishes to the sarcastic PAP Yes Man. What class

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