Chinese Man Who Scrawled Racist Words On Pillar In Geylang Gets Jail And Caning

A Chinese man, who was caught scrawling graffiti on walls and pillars around the Geylang area has been sentenced to 13 months jail and 9 strokes of the cane. Among the graffiti he scrawled were also racist words like “Malay Mati” at the Geylang area, which is predominantly an area where most Malays congregate for shopping and marketing.

Chen Jianbang, 31, was also given an additional 60 days jail for breaching a remission order. Chen was also previously in jail for housebreaking back in 2017. Chen went on his graffiti spree across a span of one week in January this year, where he started scrawling more than 10 messages in permanent marker in public places such as void deck walls and sheltered walkways in Geylang and Aljunied. The messages he scrawled, in a targeted area of a particular race, were written “with the deliberate intention of wounding the racial feelings of the Malay population”, according to Court documents.

His blatant act of vandalism were seen by many people, including a station master of the Aljunied MRT Station, a passer-by, and even a police officer who was on patrol. He was also caught vandalising on CCTV footage. It was not stated what motivated him to scrawl racist messages in public places frequented by the Malays.

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