Woman Cut Hand Badly While Trying Out Jewel’s Canopy Park

Jewel at Changi Airport has only been opened for three months, but it seems like they might be beset by problems already. From long queues for food, fast food taking three hours to get to ordering the actual food, water leakages, and now, their a woman getting injured at their newest attraction, the Canopy Park.

The visitor of the Canopy Park, who went by the name June Neo, posted on Facebook on 15 June to share her painful experience at the Manulife Sky Nets located at the topmost level of Jewel Changi Airport. She apparently cut her hand badly at the attraction, die to the tough ropes at the Sky Net. The attraction, which hangs on across a five-storey high altitude are made with intertwined thick ropes so that visitors can traverse the area. However, according to June Neo, the ropes are tough, and the holes are actually big enough for an adult to have her legs go through and get stuck.

She said she got the injury as her foot got stuck and she fell. Using her hands to break her fall, she got the big and nasty cut. She said she was fortunate that she was wearing pants, for if she did not, then her legs might get cut as badly as her hands too. She also suffered abrasions to her legs and bruises on her arm. However, she did say that the park responded with first aid quickly, and advised others to wear long pants and gloves when using the new attraction.

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