4 Women Arrested For Creating Ruckus At Balestier Bak Kut Teh Shop

Police have conformed that four women had been arrested after a police report were made against them fighting a group of two men and a woman at a bak kut teh in Balestier. A video of the women creating a public nuisance there have been circulating online, although no explanation as tho what made the women attack the group have been made public.

In the video, a woman wearing a yellow dress walks up to two men and a woman in black sitting at a table at Balestier Bak Kut Teh (Kian Lian). She slams the table and throws something at the other woman as the two men immediately stand up to confront her. Another lady wearing white appears and throws a chair at the woman in black before one of the men shoves her aside. At the same time, another woman wearing a blue top and white skirt joins the woman in yellow and restrains the man wearing a black T-shirt as the woman in yellow charges at and punches the woman in black. In the thick of the chaos, yet another woman, this one wearing a denim jacket, joins the group.

The two men try to restrain and talk to the group of women but are unsuccessful. The four women then continue to flip tables and throw their shoes and chairs at other people in the shop.

Police confirmed that the four women, aged between 30 to 34 years old, were arrested for public nuisance.

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