Selegie Road Has Mysterious Massage Parlour That Only Opens Its Doors For Lone Males Who Walks Pass

A shop along Selegie Road looks unsuspectingly always closed for business, with its store front quiet and no one seems to be inside the shop. However, if you are a male and happen to walk pass the shop alone, the massage parlour would suddenly spring to life, with doors being opened, and a woman would come out of the shop to greet that solitary man and try to get the man to come inside.

This was according to an eyewitness, who then alerted the press on this peculiar and mysterious shop. The eye witness said the shop greatly differs from the other neighbouring shops, where they welcome the patrons openly. This massage parlour however, would not even clue in someone whether it is opened or closed. But the shop doors were always opened at the right time when a lonesome man walks pass.

The eye witness also went as far to claim that the doors would remain closed is a man walk pass, but is accompanied by a female partner or is with kids. He also claimed that his friend was pulled into the shop one day, and went on to indicate that the shop had two separate rooms kept apart by a wooden board. This friend also claimed that they were CCTV facing the corridor of the shop, so the women inside can clearly see if their targeted clientele walks pass.

The friend also claimed the woman who had pulled him in offered him special massage services. It was not known if the man took up the offer, and what the special services actually meant.

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