PM Lee: PAP Still Looking For Candidates Who Will Be Yes Men, Will Be Richly Renumerated

Just before PM Lee left for his one week break, and just after pissing off the people of Vietnam and Cambodia, PM Lee spoke at the annual Business China awards ceremony held at the Marina Bay Sands on Friday, June 7. In a fireside chat, PM Lee said that the PAP was still looking for new candidates to stand for the next General Elections.

The candidates the ruling party was looking for most likely also include potential ministers. Although the criteria was not revealed by PAP, one would imagine that these candidates must come from a background where the person has already made it in Singapore, thus pushing more elites into a role where they control Singaporeans lives, and one would also imagine the candidates must be one who supports the PAP’s decision-making.

PM Lee did not say when the elections will be held, instead making it known that it could happen anytime between now until the five year limit for GE to be held, and that the PAP leadership is not excited about the elections just yet. Which means, more time to find their Yes men and groom them to be potential Ministers, and preparing the ground with more sweeteners between now and when the GE is finally called.

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