Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s Progress Singapore Party Launch Delayed Due To Permits Delay

Dr Tan Cheng Bock, who had initially announced a few weeks back that his new Progress Singapore Party will be officially launched on June 15 at the Singapore Expo Hall, had to cancel the launch as police permit for the event as well as other related permits such as the public entertainment licence are still pending.

While Dr Tan remained disappointed that the official launch had to be postponed even thought the authorities had been given enough lead time to approve all the respective permits, he had told his organising team that they must continue to comply with all the permits required for the event, no matter how many there are. He also said that the party is not looking for a new launch date of either late June or early July.

Dr Tan did not give any official reasons on why the permits have all been delayed. However, most Singaporeans recognised the fact that when Nas Daily wanted to hold a meet his supporters session at the Botanic Park, he was told by the Singapore Police no less that no permits were required. So, one rule to PAP friend like Nas Daily, and another rule for ex-PAP now opposition figure head?

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