NEA Explains Why Man Was Fined For Shooting Rubber Bands Onto Public Road

NEA has come under the spotlight from netizens for what was perceived as a heavy handed approach of fining a man for throwing of rubber bands on the road. The photo of the fine the man received that says “You did throw rubber band in a public place” has gone viral, as have the amount of fine the man had to pay, which was $300.

Most people expressed shock that the man was fined such a high amount, although getting caught for littering was applauded by most. Some even questioned whether the offence did indeed take place, or this was a made up piece of news as a click bait. However, NEA has now finally came out and issued a statement that the incident did happen, The man was caught by NEA officers on 23 May. In the statement, NEA stated that:

“On 23 May 2019, NEA enforcement officers observed a man walking towards his vehicle and shooting two rubber bands, one after the other, into the air. The rubber bands landed on the public road. Our officers thus informed him of the littering offence and issued him an enforcement ticket. The offender was cooperative throughout our officers’ engagement with him.”

NEA also advised the public that littering has environmental consequences, and is a chargeable offence, no matter how big or small the litter is. The public was also advised to do out part for the environment by being socially responsible.

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